Please mind the disease: illness reported at Club Alize, Turkey

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Please mind the disease: illness reported at Club Alize, Turkey

Your Holiday Claims have been contacted by British holidaymakers seeking compensation after illness ruined their stay at the Club Alize, Turkey.

  • Holidaymakers struck by severe diarrhoea and vomiting
  • Guest reports young children defecating in swimming pool
  • “Cold” food served to holidaymakers

If illness blighted your stay at the Club Alize, the experts at Your Holiday Claims could help you make a no win, no fee claim for anything between £770 and £43,890 in holiday illness compensation.

Last year we helped stricken holidaymakers just like you claim over £900,000 in total holiday illness compensation.

Call 0330 100 2851 now and see what your claim is worth.

Illness ruins stays and hospitalises guests at the Club Alize

British holidaymakers have reached out to the experts at Your Holiday Claims for compensation advice after suffering from horrendous diarrhoea and vomiting during their stay at the Club Alize, Turkey.

The holidaymakers suffered from the illness symptoms for nearly 2 weeks, leaving them incredibly drained and weak.

Reports of illness at the 3-star hotel can also be found online.

In a particularly alarming report, one stricken holidaymaker claimed that their entire holiday party “fell ill after an incident with the baby pool.”

“Somebody allowed their child/baby to poo in the pool, only the baby pool got closed and cleaned even though the children were swapping between both pools,” he stated. Shockingly, he also reported that there were “3 to 4” other instances of children defecating in the pool.

The holidaymaker claimed that 3 of his family members “ended up in hospital due to the poor conditions of the baby pool.”

“Bad stomachs” are also thought to have affected a number of guests at the resort with reports of guests being served “cold” and recycled food common online.

Tracy Stansfield, experienced solicitor at Your Holiday Claim commented: “It is well known that serious illness can occur if hygiene standards are not adhered to.

“Cryptosporidium and shigella can be spread with ease via contaminated water or food and I fear that many more British holidaymakers may have suffered from illness at the Club Alize, Turkey.

“I strongly urge anyone who has fallen ill at the Club Alize within the last 3 years to contact Your Holiday Claims and make a no win, no fee claim for compensation.”

Getting you the compensation you deserve

With over 50 years experience in travel law and an unrivalled claim success rate, Your Holiday Claims will provide you with the very best legal representation. Our only aim is to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve following holiday illness in Turkey.

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Comments from our happy clients

Trevor and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team who helped us in our successful claim. It is such a relief to be able to now put this behind us. Many thanks for all your hard work and for all you have done for us.
Bryonie and Trevor Price
I would like to thank Anne Thomson for all her help, understanding and patience throughout my claim.
Jacqui Taylor
Following my family becoming ill on holiday and my 2 year old daughter becoming particularly unwell, I contacted Anne at Your Holiday Claims from an internet search to see what I could do in regards to bringing this to my holiday company’s attention.
Emma Sheridan
I would like to thank Tracy Stansfield for the work she has carried out for me and assisting me in getting justice against the tour operator.
Dave Robertson
Having never thought to have contacted a solicitor to pursue a claim for compensation before, I am glad that I instructed Your Holiday Claims to deal with my claim following a holiday illness I suffered during my stay in Egypt.
Christopher Whitwell
We are very happy with the outcome of our case, especially as we were not offered anything from the tour operator we had booked our holiday with.
Dianne Cherry
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Please mind the disease: illness reported at Club Alize, Turkey