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No end to sickness saga at HD Beach Resort and Spa?

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More and more British holidaymakers are turning to Your Holiday Claims for legal advice after suffering in outbreaks of illness at the four-star HD Beach Resort and Spa, Lanzarote.

  • Sickness brings misery to hard-earned holidays as reports of illness date back to 2015
  • Cockroaches said to roam freely over “terrible” prepared food
  • Your Holiday Claims have been instructed by tens of holidaymakers

Did you suffer in an outbreak of illness at HD Beach Resort and Spa?

As long as your ruined stay was booked as a package and was within the last three years, the expert solicitors at Your Holiday Claims could help you receive thousands in a successful claim.

With over 50 years’ combined experience in travel law and an unrivalled claim success rate, Your Holiday Claims have the expertise and background knowledge to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation. No win no fee.

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Holidaymakers turn to Your Holiday Claims following sickness at the HD Beach Resort and Spa

It appears that there is no end to the illness complaints at HD Beach Resort and Spa, Lanzarote.

The expert claims lawyers at Your Holiday Claims have been inundated with enquiries from stricken guests and are currently helping close to 30 holidaymakers pursue a group action claim following ruined Spanish getaways at the resort.

Online comments on TripAdvisor reveal that the total number of afflicted guests could be many more as holidaymakers share their illness experiences:

“3 out of 7 days of my holiday was ruined by food poisoning,” comments one hotel visitor.

“The buffet never had hot food, and even new dishes brought out were lukewarm which just breeds bacteria,” they continue.

Another guest reveals that a doctor was called out to treat their partner following a diagnosis of gastroenteritis. They warned, “If you chose to go [to HD Beach Resort and Spa] make sure it’s self-catering.”

If you experience illness symptoms such as sickness and diarrhoea during your stay at HD Beach Resort and Spa, we would always advise that you make a log of your illness with your tour operator and seek medical advice if necessary.

Documenting any hygiene failings as well as exchanging contact details with other afflicted holidaymakers can also be beneficial should you make a claim for compensation on your return to the UK.

Anne Thomson, head of travel law at Your Holiday Claims comments: “The HD Beach Resort and Spa is quickly becoming something of a regular feature in our news articles.

“Our specialist solicitors first raised concerns regarding hygiene standards at the four-star hotel back in 2015. At that time, an alleged outbreak of food poisoning left several guests unwell with one guest describing the “never hot food,” an “invitation for salmonella.”

“There is never an excuse for illness on a package holiday and I would urge anyone who has been affected to come forward and contact Your Holiday Claims. Our friendly and highly knowledgeable claims experts can advise you of the merits of your case and answer any questions you may have regarding the no win no fee process. You may even be able to join in the current group action.”

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