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Step 1

Contact the team to see if you are eligible to make a holiday claim.

Step 2

We gather evidence and negotiate with your tour operator.

Step 3

Your claim is settled by our experts on a No win, No fee basis.

Have you fallen ill on a package holiday abroad in the past 3 years?

At Your Holiday Claims, we can help you get the compensation you deserve on a no win no fee basis.

Our expert holiday claim solicitors understand that falling ill on holiday can cause a huge amount of distress and can often lead to incurring unexpected out of pocket expenses.

That’s why we help hundreds of holidaymakers claim thousands of pounds in compensation every year.

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Our mission

At Your Holiday Claims it is our mission to help you claim compensation for your illness (pain and suffering), the lost days of your holiday, and to seek reimbursement of any financial losses you may have incurred such as medical expenses or loss of earnings.

All of our holiday illness claims are handled on a no win no fee basis. This means that you can bring a claim for holiday illness without the risk of being left out of pocket, no matter what the outcome of your claim.

To start your no win no fee claim today, speak to our dedicated team on 0330 100 2851.

3 years to make a holiday illness claim

As long as your holiday was booked as part of a package in the past 3 years, you are entitled to bring a claim for compensation against your tour operator right here in the UK.

Under UK law, your tour operator is liable for any failings in hygiene at your package holiday hotel. So if your illness was caused by poor food standards or unclean swimming pool water, the experts at Your Holiday Claims can help you claim compensation from your tour operator.

Make a holiday illness claim with Your Holiday Claims

Millions of pounds are claimed every year with the help of our expert holiday claims solicitors.

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