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Road traffic accidents abroad affect many British holidaymakers every year.

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Each year, our team of road traffic accident travel law experts help many people across the UK to secure compensation for injuries arising from accidents abroad. If you have returned from a holiday and think you may have a claim, we are here to help you.

Whether you are a motorists, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist, if you have suffered injuries arising from a road traffic accident, we will help you and any members of your loved ones who may also have been affected to receive the highest level of compensation.

Abroad, the rules of the road can often be very different to the ones here in the UK, leaving people to become even more vulnerable to their surroundings. The law covering liability in respect of a road traffic accident abroad differs throughout many parts of the world. However, we have the expertise, background knowledge and experience to help you make a successful claim.

Road Traffic Accident Abroad Compensation

expertise, background knowledge and experience to help you make a successful claim.

Road Traffic Accident Abroad Compensation

If the instructions you provide us result in you be eligible to claim compensation, we can pursue it through the courts of England and Wales and will offer you the benefit of representing you on a no win, no fee basis. To find out more about the benefits of no win no fee legal representation, click here.

How long have I got to make a claim?

The law in the UK entitles motorists, passengers, pedestrian and cycle accident victims to pursue a claim within three years of when the accident occurred. However, we advise that you make a claim soon after the event has happened to increase the chances of your claim be accepted.

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If you think you have a case for compensation, or require assistance with a road traffic abroad claim, contact us to receive free legal advice.

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Alternatively, if you’d like more information on making a no win, no fee road traffic accident claim, please visit our holiday accident abroad claims page.


Check Out Our Real Life Success Stories

Take a look at our real life success stories to find out how we have helped people like you receive the compensation they deserve.
Location: Marmaris Palace Hotel
Illness: salmonella
Operator: Thomas Cook
Anonymous - Oct 2017
Amount Received
Received £5,350
Location: cruise ship
Illness: helicobacyer pylori
Operator: Thomson
Mrs Hipkiss - Jun 2018
Amount Received
Received £2,400
Location: Jaz Mirabel Park, Sharm el Sheikh
Illness: Travellers’ diarrhoea
Operator: TUI UK Ltd
Denise Brothers - Sep 2017
Amount Received
Received £6,000
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Comments from our happy clients

Trevor and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team who helped us in our successful claim. It is such a relief to be able to now put this behind us. Many thanks for all your hard work and for all you have done for us.
Bryonie and Trevor Price
I would like to thank Anne Thomson for all her help, understanding and patience throughout my claim.
Jacqui Taylor
Following my family becoming ill on holiday and my 2 year old daughter becoming particularly unwell, I contacted Anne at Your Holiday Claims from an internet search to see what I could do in regards to bringing this to my holiday company’s attention.
Emma Sheridan
I would like to thank Tracy Stansfield for the work she has carried out for me and assisting me in getting justice against the tour operator.
Dave Robertson
Having never thought to have contacted a solicitor to pursue a claim for compensation before, I am glad that I instructed Your Holiday Claims to deal with my claim following a holiday illness I suffered during my stay in Egypt.
Christopher Whitwell
We are very happy with the outcome of our case, especially as we were not offered anything from the tour operator we had booked our holiday with.
Dianne Cherry
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Road Traffic Accident Abroad